• Free Parking in the Southend

How does this promotion work?

Whenever you dine in a selected Lawrenson Group venue and spend more than $20, you can ask the staff at that venue for a parking card, provided you have parked in one of the parking buildings that this offer applies to and you can produce the card that you received when you entered that parking building. 

What time is the free parking eligible for?

Customers are eligible for free parking tickets when they spend $20 or more at {insert applicable venues}. The tickets are only valid for Monday - Friday after 4pm and anytime Saturday and Sunday. This means that if you enter the car park building before 4pm Monday - Friday you will not be eligible for free parking.

What parking buildings does this apply to?

This offer currently applies to two parking buildings.  These buildings are;
·         the Wilson car park building at 36 Alexandra Street connected to the KPMG and old Farmer’s building, and
·         the Care Park car park building between Knox Street and Hood Street, also known as the Knox Street car park.

What time does the car park building close?

The car park buildings close at 12am so you will need to collect your car by then if you wish to use our free parking tickets.

Can I use this card multiple times?

No. Your exit card can only be used to exit the parking building on one occasion.

Will these cards work at any time of day or night?

No. The cards will only work after 6pm and before 10am Monday to Thursday and any time between 6pm Friday and 10am Monday. If you try to use the cards on week days between 10am and 6pm or when the car parking buildings are closed, the cards will not work.  Both of these buildings are closed for certain periods in the middle of the night.  The opening and closing times for both car parking buildings are included below.
·         the Wilson car park Mon-Sun 6:00-24:00
·         the Care Park car park Mon-Thu 6:00-22:30, Fri- Sat 6:00-0:30, Sun closed.

Do I have to use the card on the day I receive it?

No. The cards will work until the expiry date printed on the front of the card, potentially up to 12 months in the future. Consequently you could leave your car in the building overnight or for a number of nights, provided that you were there before 10am or after 6pm on the day you wished to collect your car. 

Is there any limit on the number of cards per table?

The number of cards per table is limited to the number of people at a table, for example, if there are 6 people at a table, they are eligible for up to, but no more than, 6 parking cards, provided each of them has spent more than $20. An individual customer will not receive more than one card per visit regardless of how much they spend.  However where there are a number of customers on a table and one person pays the whole bill, everyone in that group will still be eligible for a parking card, provided that the average spend was more than $20 per person and each person has a car parked in one of the two eligible parking buildings.

Does this promotion apply to all Lawrenson Group venues?

No. This promotion is limited to certain Lawrenson Group venues, currently these venues are
· Bluestone
· Furnace
· Keystone
· The Bank
· House on Hood
· Easy Tiger
· Shenanigans

Is this promotion for a limited time?

No. This promotion will continue to run for the foreseeable future.

How do I use my free parking ticket?

For Knox Street car parks you need to first scan your ticket you received upon entry and then scan your free ticket you received.
For Wilson car park you only need to scan your free car park ticket we give you.

Terms and conditions are subject to change. Supplies may be limited